People Helping With Muri Environment Care

Who We Are


Muri Environment Care is a Community group whose passion is to preserve and protect our beautiful Muri Lagoon. Literally, the lagoon encoumpasses the Island of Rarotonga, however the Society accepts our environmental stewardship & care extends from Ngatangiia & Turangi in the east to Tikioki & Titikaveka in the South. This Environmental care embraces the central regions of Takitumu District and includes both the impressive Mounts, the ridges & valleys of the Takitumu Conservation Area, the foothills, low coastal lands & beaches bordering the Lagoon itself. This area is well over 20% of the Island and respected by our local community, who volunteer to undertake projects which will conserve the natural environment in the face of changing climate challenges.

The terrain provides vast water catchment valleys, wetlands & a network of streams,waterways & rivers that all empty into the Lagoon. It is the preservation and maintenance of this network of lands, waterways, beaches & lagoons that ignites the enthusiasm of our Society, the residents & volunteers along with the infrasturcture and communities of our region.

With the Global focus reacting to population growth, climate change, renewable energies, zero carbon and at the same time we are responding to the sustainability of our Oceanic & small States lifestyles, this ignites the focus onto our environment, and preserving nature & our native forests, our wilder conservation areas, whilst managing the pressures of communities for residential housing, accommodating the advances in Tourism & the growing popularity of the Pacific & our Polynesian culture & lifestyles

Our focus to preserve & protect our environment has led us to establish a Nursery. In consultation with our Traditional Leader Pa Ariki we are converting lands adjacent to the Turangi Palace into a Takitumu Nursery. We are creating the environment to preserve & propagate our native plants and maintain the supply and diversity of species to retain our streams, waterways, wetlands, beaches, foreshores & lagoon environments

Our mission

Our vision is of a sustainable Muri environment through the power of the community. Our mission is to guide, promote, network and carry out without prejudice all necessary actions to achieve its vision.


The topography of the Muri district of Rarotonga is unique & complex. The Muri environment for this Project extends (east to west) from the outer reefs defining Blue Pacific Ocean, to the mountain peaks of Te Rua Manga. North to south – from Vaikai Tapere to the Parengaru Stream outflow in Muri Lagoon.

Within this 1.75km reef to ridge hinterland x 3.5km coastline (6 square kilometer, approx) is historic Avananui harbour; the Muri lagoon, the 4 motus inside the lagoon; 241 residential homes; 30 growers agricultural flat lands; extensive Muri sandy beaches and 50 commercial prime accommodation & Villa style tourism complexes; the low hills rising to the peaks of our mountains; streams, wetlands, agricultural plane, and rivers.

And in our wet-season increased flood waters head down our valleys, across our lowlands, eroding stream banks causing extensive flooding. This leaves our lagoon with threatening sediment & nutrient loads. These nutrients have contributed to the growth of Algae Cupressoides in particular, while the sediment is lethal to coral and small lagoon fish , especially while breeding.

Our objectives

The Society is established for the purpose to provide the direction, guidance, information and create public awareness amongst
the community in Muri and beyond regarding environmental, economic, social, cultural and religious issues

  1. To promote sound ideas, principles and practice for the purpose of conservation and sustainable development in the community
    while maintaining traditional Cook Islands maori knowledge and practices which are considered beneficial
  2. To promote the aspirations and enhance the balance and harmony between people in the community and the environment
  3. To cooperate and network with the similar organisations within the Cook Islands and beyond for the purpose of enhancing the cause of environmental conservation and sustainable development
  4. To carry out the actions to strengthen its capabilities, institutional arrangements and financial support to enable its work programs


President – Mii Kauvai
Vice President – Willie Kauvai
Vice President – Keta Williams
Secretary – Mata Hetland
Assistant Secretary- Jaime Short
Treasurer – John Tierney
Committee – Sisi Short, Mann Short, Anne Tierney


*Project Ecologist – Brennan Panzarella

*Project Manager – Anne Tierney

*MMR Co-Partners – Fiona

*Landowners – Willie Kauvai

*Pu Tapere / Village Mayor – Keta Williams

*Project Coordinator – John Tierney

*Karen Silk – Biodiversity Technician

*Information, Technology &  Media – Byron Brown, Jo Holley, Bengamin Raela,

*Project Volunteers
Lani Tansley,
Hinano McMurchy
Hugo & Jane
Sonya Kamana

*Muri Commercial Businesses